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About Traipsin' Global On Wheels

Traipsin' Global on Wheels (TGOW) was established in August of 2018 by Ming Michelle Canaday. Canaday contracted polio as a toddler, affecting her legs and causing severe scoliosis. Her own disabilities, her parents and her solo travels around the world have inspired the creation of TGOW.

Our mission at Traipsin' Global on Wheels is threefold:

  • Create a space where individuals with disabilities know how to access information and inquire about fitness.
    Staying healthy and avoiding common issues such as shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, and elbow tendonitis is so crucial for long-term wheelchair users. This group of people is especially prone to pain and injuries in these areas of the body. We hope to be a leading company for providing information on health and wellness for wheelchair users in the future. This is why we have already released a series of videos on how to stay fit in a wheelchair. In the coming months, we also plan to release workout and training ideas for the everyday long-term wheelchair user.

  • Encourage our listeners to be global-minded.
    A global perspective can connect us to different cultures and a wide diversity of people. We understand that traveling can be difficult for certain individuals, therefore we have uploaded a series of videos on traveling in a wheelchair. We also hope to introduce products that help you travel in style and with ease. For style, wheelchair accessories such as multi-patterned seat cushion covers and back cushion covers will be introduced. For easy travel, we are hoping to introduce a platform where wheelchair users can order customized shelves for extra accessible storage while traveling.

  • Nurture and cultivate a group of healthy, global-minded, and informed advocates.
    Through fitness and travel, we hope to accomplish this third pillar, forming advocates that will accept, and perhaps even embrace their disability, and advocate for equality and justice for people with various disabilities.


All three pillars of our mission are equally important and are crucial in helping individuals with disabilities create a life that is fulfilling, meaningful, and stimulating.

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