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Coaching Testimonials

Alexander Sklivas.jpg

Alexander Sklivas

“Incredibly thorough and friendly. I highly recommend anyone to work with Ming to overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and find new ways to motivate yourself.”

“This year, I decided that I wanted to focus on taking care of myself more and that meant making healthier choices. I’ve started working with Coach Ming and she has helped me identify areas in my life where I can improve and make changes in order to achieve my goal.

I have become more aware of my self-talk and we’ve worked on making small life changes that are sustainable and work for my lifestyle. I’m excited to see where this goes.”

Verona Estridge

Verona Estridge.HEIC

Jean O'Toole

“As a busy entrepreneur, I worked with Ming to bring more balance into my life. Ming is an incredible coach who guided me to more balance as well as joy in my life. Her sessions brought me clarity about what I want and action steps to move my goals forward. 


Thank you so much Ming for helping me shift positively in my life in such a short amount of time!”

Jean O'Toole.jpg
Kate Janoska.jpg

Kate Janoska

“I highly recommend Ming’s services! She’s an amazing coach with a very enthusiastic and approachable personality. She supports me and continues to hold me accountable to my goals. It’s a pleasure working with her. Thank you, Ming, for the extra nudge forward toward success!!” 

Siah-Ra Ausar .jpeg

Siah-Ra Ausar

“Ming is a true professional at her craft. Her genuine care and authenticity enabled her to connect with me instantly. I felt safe as she assisted me with identifying my personal blind spots while allowing me to generate my own solutions on my own terms. Ming is absolutely phenomenal to work with and has my utmost trust!”

“Ming coached me & help me find ways to tackle the obstacles that prevents me from moving faster towards my goals. Ming acted as an accountability partner and will really follow through with the action plans from the session. This enabled me move to forward as there is someone asking me if I executed my plans and makes me on track. That was really helpful for me. 


If you are a person who wants help and support in achieving your goals, I highly recommend Ming as a coach.”

Jean O'Toole

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