Frequently Asked Questions

What are your payment options?

We offer two primary options for our system: Square and PayPal. Square is an on-site credit card processing service available in Canada, Australia, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S., and our login system allows users to store their information securely online. PayPal is an offsite but secure system that supports plan-based payments such as our 12-session booking plans. Both accept credit or debit cards.

What are your shipping costs?

Since our store is brand new, we currently offer free shipping. After our initial sale period, we will add shipping costs based on the buyer's proximity.

What is your Return and Refund Policy?

If you would like to return a product, please send an email to within 30 days of your order. The product does not need to be in its original packaging; however, it must be in the same condition that you received it in.

Once we receive the product, we will send an email to the address you had used to contact us stating that we had received your item. Within 7 days of this email, we will send a refund equal to the product price. Please note that any shipping costs and taxes are non-refundable.

What kind of company is TGOW?

Traipsin' Global On Wheels is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) founded in 2018, with the threefold goals of creating a space where individuals with disabilities can access information about fitness, encouraging a global-minded approach to life, and cultivating advocates for equality and justice for people with various disabilities. You can visit our About page to learn more.

How many people work here?

We currently have around a dozen employees, most of whom work remotely. If you are interested in joining the team, please head over to our Careers page to see if you could be a good fit with TGOW.

What is your privacy policy?

A full privacy policy is now in the drafting phase. For now, however, we will state that, by using this site, you give us a right to collect and keep any information entered and submitted through forms, in addition to user IP addresses, approximate locations, and information given to us by Google Analytics to refine our site and services. However, we will never sell your data or give it to any third parties. We also store cookies on your computer to improve site functionality, such as our cart remembering its products even after closing the tab.

What if an item I ordered arrives damaged--or doesn't arrive at all?

If your product is damaged, we have outlined a process for refunds; please see our Return and Refund Policy below. If your item doesn't arrive, please send an email to with your order number and full name.

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How does your booking system work?

We offer online services for fitness coaching, life coaching, and accessible travel guidance; among these is a 12-session plan that costs $25 per week. You can cancel at any time, and if you would like to book a single session for $25, you can do so as well.

Do you sell gift cards?

At this moment, we do not sell gift cards. However, if you would like to see such products, please send an email to so we can gauge interest.

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