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Ming M. Canaday

I am a master coach trained by an ICF approved coach training program. This professional training along with my experience of coaching people of all backgrounds and cultures have equipped me with the tools and techniques to partner with you to bring about clarity, shift your mindset and create the kind of meaningful and fulfilling life that you love. 

The people whom I’ve had the honor of coaching have spanned across the globe: Mauritius, Tanzania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Sweden, Canada, India, Australia, the Philippines, Russia, Portugal, the United Kingdom and more! They’ve consistently seen positive results in their lives. 


When I discovered coaching and saw what the essence of coaching was, I knew my existing strength as someone who is genuinely interested in people’s lives, a natural listener, and an optimist would make me a good coach. I am a natural listener who loves to hear about the details of people’s lives and people have always told me I ask the most insightful and thought-provoking questions. I am also an avid traveler, having traveled to nearly 40 countries up to date and learning about the various cultures and people. During my travels, I often find myself enraptured in the most fascinating of stories. Since pursuing coaching, I’ve discovered a new excitement and burst of energy for life! 


In addition to my extensive coaching experience with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, I’ve also done speaking engagements and held workshops all around the globe to advocate and empower people with disabilities to live their best lives. I’ve collaborated with several U.S. embassies all around the globe, including places such as China, Malawi, and Singapore, to help improve the well-being of those with disabilities. I’ve also done numerous disability advocacy and activism work in other parts of the world, such as India, Australia, and Japan. I have been a guest speaker at various universities across the United States from Oregon State University to St. Cloud State University in Minnesota to George Mason University to Cornell University to the University of Vermont. 


Furthermore, I’ve had the honor of speaking to some incredible people during my professional journey. I am the host of a podcast show called the Traipsin’ Global On Wheels Podcast Hour. I started this project over three years ago to provide a platform to inform and advance disability rights and advocacy work. These are some of the people I've had the honor of interviewing: Senator Tom Harkin (the chief co-sponsor of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990), Judy Woodruff (Anchor and Managing Editor of PBS NewsHour), Alastair McEwin (a Commissioner in Australia), Judy Heumann (a world-renowned disability rights activist), Sen. Tammy Duckworth (the first female wheelchair user to be elected into the United States Senate), Miles O'Brien (PBS NewsHour's Science Correspondent), Rep. Jim Langevin (Congressman of Rhode of Island) and over 90 more amazing leaders. For a full list, feel free to visit the main podcast listening platforms. 


I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In terms of coach training, I received comprehensive training from an ICF approved coach training center. I received 4 certifications from them, chief among them are my master coach certificate and my life coach certificate. 

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