8 bits of India

The eight things I observed about India:

1. India was once colonized by the Portugués. Therefore, local Indians from places such as Goa have last names like Fernandez, De Souza and other such names.

2. There seems to be a flow to the crazy traffic in India. It is chaotic, often with minimal signposts, but there seems to be a predictable flow to it after awhile. You start to know when to cross a multiple lane road even though there are no lights and signs instructing you to do so at a specific time. You get into the India state of mind and are acclimated into the ebbs and flow of the traffic.

3. Yesterday while I was out and about heading to a museum, a group of stray dogs 🐕 were howling and coming towards me. This was one of the few times I felt scared 😦 in India. There are quite a few stray dogs 🐶and cats 🐈 in Mumbai. The poor dogs look very sickly and some even have disabilities.

4. It feels like everyone spits on the streets here. Every time I turn around, someone is spitting.

5. When I was meandering by the shores of Mumbai, I was surprised to see some public displays of affection (i.e. kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc.). The Arabian Sea coastline seems to be a very popular hangout spot. I watched a whole real life Bollywood movie there with the amount of relationship drama I witness.

6. I was also surprised to see how commonplace security checks were at cafés such as Starbucks, hotels such as the Taj Hotel, shopping malls in general, etc. Apparently ever since the consecutive terrorist attacks in Mumbai a few years back, Garrett screening technology has been installed in many public areas.

7. Some police people here have long plastic sticks. I asked a local youth what it was for, he said it is to discipline people who are doing drugs and/or are being unruly.

8. Family is extremely important in the Indian culture. And parents are very protective of their children and remain in very close contact with them throughout the day. From what I’ve heard so far, 20 and 30 years olds are in contact with their parents daily, oftentimes multiple times per day.

This last point certainly makes my helicopter 🚁 parents seem less helicopter like. 😂😅

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