BFFs with RDT

These children, these people, this organization has stolen my heart. Today we visited a center that did surgery to correct club feet and produced prosthetics for those who have other conditions that effect the use of their limbs. I was introduced to a family where all three of the children had club feet today. But the Rural Development Trust (RDT) made the necessary surgical correction at minimal cost and gave the nine months old girl, three years old boy, and the eldest 10 years old boy an easier future. The mom also has club feet, but RDT isn’t able to do surgery on her because it is only correctable for people who are up to seven years old. With the dad also contracting polio, the whole family was disabled. However, through RDT’s help, the children’s disabilities were medically corrected and they will be able to lead a “normal” life.

In the afternoon, we visited a group of deaf and hard of hearing youths, and some people with intellectual disabilities who do carpentry work. They were very proud of their work and enjoyed the opportunity to make toys, cabinets, educational materials such as alphabet letters in their local language.

I also visited a group of individuals with disabilities who were training for the next special Olympics in weights, ping-pong and badminton 🏸. I was honored to have enjoyed a few rounds of badminton with them as well.

Despite the obvious poverty and lack of posh material things, what I admire about these people is their kindness, decency, and ability to work hard for the life they desire. I’ve seen an overwhelming amount of warmth and kindness in these people’s eyes. They have all welcomed me with such joy and eagerness I rarely see elsewhere. I applaud the children for their dignity, kindness and decency despite their lack of resources and family support.

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