Brussels/Brugge, Belgium 🇧🇪

10 things I discovered about Brussels:

1. You will hear mostly French and Dutch spoken in the streets.

2. You will need to push a button (usually green) in front of the doors of trams, subways and buses before they will open.

3. You will have to pay 50 pence to use the public restrooms.

4. The public buses do not all have ramps.

5. There is a big gap and step when entering the subway, hence, not wheelchair accessible at all.

6. The trains going outside the city of Brussels (i.e. I went to Brugge - a city an hour away) are a nightmare to go on for wheelchair users. There is a large gap between the platform and the train, and there are a few steps going into the train. A portable ramp can be arranged if you plan ahead of time and notify the necessary personnel.

7. Most of the metro stations do not have lifts/elevators.

8. The cobble stone streets are beautiful to wheel/walk on, but it is very bumpy and rough. I had to keep my front wheels up all the time when wheeling.

9. For the most part, the people are very curious and nice. You will run into grinches here and there just like you would anywhere.

10. Most shops/restaurants/pubs have at least one step leading into the entrance.

*Bonus: Cinquantenaire Park was my favorite Brussels attraction! It is a vast, spacious park with lots of trees and a beautiful giant arch that adds a marvelous touch to the already awesome park!

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