Hell-oOO0! Hostel

Helloooo from the bottom of my Seoul! I am writing to you from a bunk bed 🛌 in a hostel high up in the hills of Seoul, South Korea.

So let me tell you about how accessible it is:

A. It is located up on a hill. And when I say hill, it is a no joke legit hill — almost a vertical one. Never mind a wheelchair, it looks like it would be dangerous for people to walk on. Seoul is definitely hillier than I thought. However, the good thing is the hostel does provide a free shuttle service to the nearby metro station.

I have to practically squeeze myself to enter this 10-person room. The entrance to the room is extremely narrow. Once inside, the bathroom entrance is too small. They have a round metal garbage can with a lid that I use to scoot around the bathroom. I will also be doing this for the shower shortly. But this garbage can makes A LOT OF NOISE. I basically wake-up the whole room whenever I need to use the restroom.

B. (Writing on day 2 now...) There was actually a line of people waiting and watching me struggle out of the bathroom this morning. I think the room has about 10 beds and one bathroom. It was quite embarrassing.

C. The hostel has a help yourself breakfast 🍳 bar. But the counter is too high for me to scramble my own eggs 🥚 or grab my own utensils 🍴 and bowls for cereal 🥣 or wash my own dishes afterwards. Even though the staff is super nice, it really does not feel all that great to have to ask for help every five seconds or feel that you are took bulky and in the way all the time.

For my next post, I will share about my top observations in Seoul in terms of metro accessibility, Korean culture + food and navigating around the city 🌃!

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