Infatuated with Sydney, part II

The 14 points of Sydney continued...

1. There seems to be an unusually high number of ginger hair people here. Is it really a thing or is it just a coincidence that I’ve seen so many all in one day?

2. There’s a high level of collective trust here. What do I mean by that? I mean I feel that I can trust the basic moral and integrity of most people here. If I leave my wheelchair or bag or cell phone laying around, it would take a while to get stolen. And when I travel around this country with my tool kit in my personal item, I know they will not object to me needing it and figuring out a way to bring it onboard.

3. The trains out of the city to Katoomba was extremely narrow. I couldn’t get past the area after you enter and get to a seat. And, ironically, the emergency button was too high to reach.

4. I love that Sydney has a lot of parks and green space. And some parks (i.e. the botanical garden) makes you feel like you are in a countryside paradise with its serenity and calm.

5. As I departed from Sydney to Cairns today, I saw my first woman copilot. It was pretty cool even though I only saw her for half of a second while they were wheeling me to my seat on the plane.

6. Speaking of Aussie airports, guess what? They gave me no hassle on my wheelchair tools. And you can take water through security. Why can’t it be this easy in the US?

7. People smile at you and are always very willing to help seemingly all of the time.

Sydney is definitely one city I would live in and would like to experience long-term. The weather is warm, the people are friendly and helpful, there are all sorts of land layouts (i.e. quiet countryside park land, vibrant upscale shopping, natural wonders a short train ride away such as water falls and mountains, beaches everywhere, etc.). Moral ethics and integrity is high and people just seem so much happier overall. Bus drivers are full of smiles and courtesy. Shuttle drivers complain about having a hard time finding a job and low earnings, but does it in such a lighthearted, kind, and patient way that you wish you can increase their salary yourself. Shopping mall maintenance people with an easy smile. Perhaps I am still in my honeymoon phase, but I think I am falling in love with this city. And, yes, I’ve traveled around the world and this is the first city I have not hesitated to use the big “L” word. L for love ❤️ and L for long-term living. This city is a gem 💎.

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