Melbourne, Australia: Accessibility, Sights, and More

The Seven Things I Learned About Melbourne...

1. Melbourne has a beautiful giant cricket stadium 🏟. Wish I could’ve stay long enough to watch a game.

2. Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Garden is also one of the most beautiful botanical garden I’ve ever seen.

3. The public transportation is hit or miss in terms of accessibility. Melbourne has a pretty extensive tram system, but a lot of the trams have a few steps at the entrance. The trains are not that much better; a lot of them also have a large step at the entrance.

4. The locals say the weather fluctuate a lot from hot to cold and dry to wet in the span of a day. When I was there over the course of a weekend, it was mostly gray, cool, and it also rained a bit.

5. I’m not so sure if I am as infatuated with this city, but a lot of people I met and my friends seem to love this city. The gray, cold, rain and temperature fluctuations doesn’t seem to bother them. Perhaps I would’ve fallen in love with this city, too, if I stayed longer.

6. I also didn’t find the city as a whole to be all that wheelchair accessible. All the restaurants/cafes I went to were either too narrow or had steps leading into them or had no wheelchair accessible bathrooms or a combination of these things.

7. Purchase a Myki (aka their public transportation) card when you arrive. It is only $6 AUD and you can use it for all the trains, buses and trams in the city and surrounding areas.

And this concludes my Oceania travel blog. It has been an incredible trip with amazing people. Thank you for following my journey through this beautiful continent. 💫✨

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