Monsoon Monster

Rain, rain, rain and lots of rain 🌧! I suggest if you want to come to India, don’t come between the months of June through September. It is their monsoon season. However, down in South India in Anantapur, there has been nearly a two decade drought.

Mumbai wouldn’t be half as challenging if it weren’t for the rain ☔️ and wind 💨. It started raining shortly after I headed for the bank to exchange my currency the other day. With it being monsoon season, assume that it is always going to rain and bring a big, sturdy umbrella 🌂 with you at all times.

Anyways, despite the rain and wind, I slowly but surely resolved all of my obstacle courses. The first bank was not wheelchair accessible because the currency exchange section was upstairs and they did not have an elevator. The second bank was nearly accessible with only a couple of steps going inside, BUT their money exchange department was on the nineth floor of another building. And the exchange rate fee they was extremely unreasonable. The owner of my first hostel also knew someone that could do money exchange, but his rate was also high, but not as high as this small bank. Anyways, I ended up waiting forever at the hostel, but finally was able to exchange my Indonesian Rupiahs for Indian Rupees at the first hostel. Wow, did it feel like a major feat all on its own completing this seemingly simple task.

I moved out of the first hostel and took a cab to the hostel that cancelled my reservation. When I arrived and told them I had made a reservation, they didn’t say a word about the cancellation email and checked me into my shared room. Even though this hostel is also not wheelchair accessible because of the steps in the front entrance and the spiraling staircase leading up to the room, the location is impeccable and the staff is very friendly and speaks amazing English. It is located close to some of the most famous attractions in Mumbai such as The Taj Hotel, Gateway of India, Marine Drive, and Victoria Terminal. The Colaba neighborhood is also extremely developed and has great food and shopping 🛍.

For my next post, I will share with you my experience of commuting around in India and the heartwarming interactions I’ve had with the beautiful Indian people.

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