New Year's Resolution

Happy 2017!

My new year's resolution this year is to be more genuine and present. Social media sites are changing our lives in drastic ways. But the good thing is, we have a choice on how they will impact us!

We are not victims, especially for those of us who have had the luxury of counting how many likes we receive on any given post. We get to decide, will my phone connect me to more amazing people and create richer relationships than ever before or will it block more people and weaken more relationships than ever before? I said "good morning" to the receptionist during several mornings as I was heading to work, but she didn't respond because she had her earbuds in. I said "excuse me" to a lady on the sidewalk as I was trying to wheel around her, but she didn't hear me because she had her earphone on while also staring down at her phone. I heard today that the average person checks their phone more than 150 times each day.

And you know what is even stranger? I think my personal average may even be higher. And I did something I usually never do, I was text messaging someone while also eating dinner with a friend across the table from me that I hadn't seen for months. This bugs the crap out of me when other people do it to me, but apparently I have double standards when it comes to myself.

As our phones and computers become closer and closer to us, our relationships with our family and friends become weaker and weaker. As we start 2017, think to yourself, do you rather have more "likes" on social media or more kind, thoughtful, engaged and considerate people around you who make you smile effortlessly? I am not the one to judge anyone. Heck, I am on all the same social media sites you are on and have been making many mistakes using it. Just be aware of your choices and know for sure that you are happy with the lifestyle you've chosen. An enlightening movie I watched tonight said "use things, love people because the opposite does not work too well".

Happy New Year, y'all.

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