What should you do when you have the world's attention?

Ever since I stumbled upon his comedy show, "Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia" on Netflix, I've been a passionate fan of his. This six minutes right here, showing his willingness to see another person's perspective even though he is not a wheelchair user himself sealed my loyalty for him. He is wealthy, he is famous, he has everything he could ever ask for, but Trevor decides he cares enough about others to see their perspective. He is hungry for new perspectives, he cares about other people's struggles even though he does not personally go through these struggles himself. He wants to use the Daily Show platform to make lives equal, fair, and inclusive for EVERYONE.

I want you all to know you don't have to be famous or have a big platform like Trevor to support one another, you can do it right here, right now. Especially for those of us living in America -- living in the Global North -- we are able to reach people more quickly and more easily than we ever could've imagined before. Just to give you an example, I recently posted an article on here that reached 5,601 people and had 65 shares. Imagine how much effort it would've been for me to fill a room that big and deliver that same message? And the thing is, everyone can have this kind of influence today. According my Facebook stats, I have 1,244 that like the TGOW page. However, I know many of you have many more Facebook friends than this. The connections, the reach, the information that are available to us has made us become more powerful and influential than we ever could've imagined in previous decades. Now, what are you going to do with this much influence, this much access to the world's information?

It is said that there are over TWO billion people on Facebook. That is roughly two in seven people on this planet. You have access to over a billion people with just a tap of a keyboard. Are you going to use it to collect "likes" and "accolades" in order to fill that endless desire to be "accepted", or are you going to use it to open your eyes, open your mind to each other's fears, needs, and dreams just like what Trevor Noah is doing and make your dreams come true? We are lucky to be existing during a time where we are more connected and have more information at our finger tips than ever before in history, now what are we going to do with this super power? And, yes, I can consider it a superpower. Everybody, who has a strong internet connection and access to social media has this superpower!

Thank you, Trevor Noah, for opening the public to a new perspective, to the struggles of wheelchair users, to starting the conversation about the negative impacts of unintentional exclusion. #wheelchairactors #represent #21stcenturymagic


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