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Coaching Testimonials

Person giving the testimonial

Siah-Ra Ausar

“Ming is a true professional at her craft. Her genuine care and authenticity enabled her to connect with me instantly. I felt safe as she assisted me with identifying my personal blind spots while allowing me to generate my own solutions on my own terms. Ming is absolutely phenomenal to work with and has my utmost trust!”

Person giving the testimonial

Amar Singh

“I have transverse myelitis. Coaching with Ming made me comfortable talking to strangers. I have not talked to any stranger in a long time and I wasn't ready to talk to one but I took the leap of faith. I got in touch with Ming and it has been the best decision I've made yet. The questions Ming asked were really good because it made me think and I am still thinking about them. I have gained some courage to reach out to people and will try to reach out to other people online that can help me as well. Ming made me comfortable, heard and gave me a positive mindset.”

Person giving the testimonial

Lisa McCormick

“Ming has been really helpful to me, as I navigate putting my life back together, after having become disabled a year ago, at the age of 61. There are aspects of my “old life”, and my sense of personal/professional identity that went with it, that I have to let go of due to loss of mobility. But Ming encourages me to really tap into the positive aspects of my true identity, and what makes ‘me’ feel like ‘me. From before the onset of physical disability, throughout the past year of rehab and reconciliation, and now on into my future. I appreciate Ming’s gentle and insightful ways of guiding me to think about my personal and professional identity in a very integrated and positive light - and then to get real and practical about how I can stay active and continue to be the ‘me’ I relate to and am proud of. Thank you, Ming. I feel blessed to have found you.”

Person giving the testimonial

Dutch Martin

“As an NLP practitioner and life coach, Ming has one quality that separates her from most: she has the heart of a teacher, while also holding her clients accountable for the success and positive change that they desire. I learn something every time I work with her, and I always look forward to learning more.”

Person giving the testimonial

TeMia Sapp

“Working with Ming these past couple of weeks has helped me see my vision more clearly. She was kind, patient, and very understanding when it came to my feelings. She brought me deep into what was bothering me and helped me see it from a different perspective. I’ve always had intense anxiety when it comes to my dreams, yet when working with Ming, I finally know what causes my anxiety. Even working with a therapist I couldn’t see myself facing my own fears. I can say that Ming was the one to guide me through finding what caused my anxiety which has caused a lot of fear in my past. Now I have moved forward with the past and ready for where life takes me, knowing now the tools to help me get there!”

Person giving the testimonial

Lorraine Wilkes

“Ming creates a very spacious and safe space in her coaching sessions. She pushes me to go deeper into my reflections to figure out what I really feel, and what I really need. I always come out of our sessions with food for thought, curiosity and excitement. Thank you Ming, looking forward to the next one!”

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