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What should adaptive drivers' do should they need to fuel their car and are unable to do so at an inaccessible gas station?

We're developing a mobile app to help people with mobility disabilities (PwDs) tell which gas stations are accessible for when they're on the road and needing to fuel their cars. Many PwDs need assistance with fueling their cars when they cannot, or have a hard time coming out of their cars on their own to do so. Hence, this app would resolve the sore point to this very issue. 

This app, "FuelAccess" (name pending), is community-driven: search for nearby fuel stations and select one to view its ratings, or provide a rating based on your experience! The service is planned for both iOS and Android devices and hopes to emphasize an intuitive and convenient way to streamline the process of finding professional, serviceable stations. 

We've fully built the app's features and are currently in the the bug fixing stage, but we welcome any and all feedback you may have about the development and design process so we can create a service that is accessible and user-friendly to people with a variety of disabilities. Please email your suggestions to and we’ll be sure to respond to you there!

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